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Oct. Legal bucks just about open public land.

Dec. 15

Dove North Zone: Your part in the State north as well as west of your line extending west from the Alabama state collection together U.S. 20

Hunters 15 numerous a lengthy time of age group and younger might harvest 1 gobbler of choice (any age) for each day, 3 per spring season.

The possession limit regarding waterfowl can be 3 times the particular every day bag limit. 21-31


Nov. 28

Fall Squirrel

Sept. There is no possession limit with regard to snow, blue or perhaps Rosss geese.

In your subsequent counties as well as portion of counties, in private lands where the landowner/lease holder completes a fall turkey hunting application and provides any copy with the property deed or perhaps lease agreement with a MDWFP regional workplace or the Jackson office.

Nov. 20

Dec. 21-Dec. Weapon associated together with preference can be utilized upon private terrain using suitable license.


Either sex in private terrain and also open public land.

Either sex about private territory as well as open public land.

White-winged along with mourning doves

Nov. 28


*Roebuck Lake throughout Leflore County is closed to Sept. Weapon of preference can become utilized on private terrain using appropriate license.





Legal bucks and also antlerless deer on private and also open public land.

Gun (with dogs)

Private and also open public lands west of I-55 as well as north involving I-20 additionally places south of I-20 and west regarding U.S. Weapon of preference can become utilized about private territory with appropriate license.

To participate within the light Goose Conservation Order, hunters have to possess a valid Mississippi hunting license, state waterfowl stamp, along using a totally free Mild Goose Conservation Order permit number. 31



Canada goose



Either sex upon private land. 1-5

Antlerless deer merely about private and also open up public land.



Rail (Sora along with Virginia)

Dec. 21

Nov. 7-Jan. Youth 15 and also under.




Dec. 15-May 1

Gun (without dogs)

1 per party

Nov. 18

Gun (with dogs)

Daily bag limit

Dec. Youth 15 and also under.

Sept. Weapon of preference can end up being utilized in private territory with suitable license.



Southeast Zone: 1 legal buck per day, never to exceed three for each annual season. Legal bucks just on open public land.

Feb. 1


Oct. Legal bucks only in open public land.

South Zone

Legal deer

No limit

Primitive weapons

Either sex in private property along with authorized state as well as federal land. 4- 13

Jan. Hunters could harvest 1 antlerless deer per day, to not exceed three for each annual season.


Archery/primitive weapons

Same as regular season


Nov. 20

Sept. 1-Feb. A New legal buck can be understood for you to be having both the really least inside spread associated with ten inches or maybe a minimal major beam size of 13 inches.

Oct. 28

Oct. 17 - Feb. 24-Jan. 2-15

Mar. Canada goose hunting.



Feb. 27-29

Shooting hrs regarding all migratory game birds are generally via 30 minutes before sunrise for you to sunset.

Dec. 24-Jan. 18-Jan. 15-Nov. 84 as well as east of Mississippi 35. five antlerless deer may end up being harvested for each annual season on private land.



Dec. 7

Primitive weapons

Nov. 15

Either sex in private land. 21-31

Spring squirrel

Southwestern Zone: Adams, Amite, Claiborne, Copiah, Hinds, Franklin, Jefferson, Lincoln, Madison, Warren, Wilkinson, and also Yazoo counties.

Delta Zone: Bolivar County west involving the main Mississippi River check this out levee and these lands east involving the primary Mississippi River levee known as 27 Break Hunting Club. 7-Feb. 21-31

Legal deer

July 1-Sept. 31

May 15-June 1


Gun (with dogs)

Sept. 24-30

Nov. Weapon of preference can be utilized upon private land along with appropriate license.

Gun (with dogs)

Nov. 1- March 15

Legal bucks as well as antlerless deer on private land and also authorized state as well as federal land.

Snow, blue, Rosss geese


North Zone


Sept. 21-Dec. 2-15

Either sex on private land. 12-27

Rail (clapper along with king)

Dec. 9-20


April 1-Sept. ten - Nov. 15


Feb. 31

5 per person, 8 for each party

Primitive weapons

Either sex about private along with open up public land.

Shooting hrs regarding almost all migratory game birds are usually from 30 minutes prior to sunrise in order to sunset.


Permit required

Opossum, raccoon and weblink also bobcat: food, sport and pelt

Gun (without dogs)

Coahoma County: West regarding U.S. Legal bucks only upon open up public land.

Nov. 6

Gun (without dogs)

Sept. 7-Jan. 15-Nov. 24-Jan. 12-Nov. 1-Feb. 49W as well as north involving Berclair Road.

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Dec. 20


See below


Youth gun

Youth gun

Oct. 30


Feb. 9-Jan. 31

Youth squirrel*

Nov. Weapon associated along with preference may end up being used in private property using suitable license.

White-winged as well as mourning doves


The duck day-to-day bag limit can be a total regarding 6 ducks, such as a maximum of four mallards (no a lot a lot more than a pair of involving which may be females), 3 wood ducks, a pair of redheads, 3 scaup, two canvasbacks, 1 mottled duck, one black duck, and 2 pintails.


Dec. 16-23

No limit

Sunflower County: South regarding Mississippi 442 and east involving Mississippi 3 and also U.S. 1

*Youth squirrel: on private lands and authorized state along with federal lands simply within these areas open for squirrel hunting.

Delta as well as Hill zones: 1 legal buck per day, not to exceed three per annual season. A New legal buck will be understood for you to be having either the absolute minimum inside spread associated with 12 inches or a minimal major beam duration of 15 inches.

Either sex on private terrain and authorized state and also federal land. 4-6

Either sex on private terrain along with open public land. ten - Oct. Legal bucks just on open public land.


One adult gobbler or even one gobbler having a 6-inch or even longer beard for each day, three for each spring season.

Sept. 12-Nov. 31

Oct. 61, east of Mississippi 1, north associated with Eagles Nest-Friars Pt. 1-Nov. 20

Oct. 8-14

Either sex in private terrain along with open up public land.

Antlerless deer merely upon private and also open public land.

Daily bag limit

Early primitive weapons

Oct. 7-Mar. 4- Oct. 14-Feb. 21-Dec. 19-Jan. 20

Opossum, raccoon and also bobcat: meals along with sport

Youth waterfowl

Mar. 1-15



Legal bucks simply upon private along with open public land. 28

Either sex upon private land. Forest service National Forests: one legal buck for each day, not to exceed three per annual season. 61. 15



For youth hunters fifteen numerous a extended time of get older and also younger, hunting in private property and also authorized state as well as federal lands, all three in the three-buck bag limit might always be any kind of antlered deer.

No limit

The possession limit regarding migratory game birds is actually 3 x your daily bag limit.

Dec. 4 - Jan. 19-Jan. 9-20



Either sex in private property as well as open public land. 31



Either sex in private terrain and also open up public land. 1-Nov. 31

Oct. Street and also south associated with Coahoma-Friars Point Road.

The every day bag limit with regard to mergansers can be five, only a couple of associated with which might always be hooded mergansers.


Quitman County: Entire county.

Either sex in private land. 12-Nov. 5

Nov. Coahoma, Desoto, Issaquena, Tunica, and also Washington counties west of the key Mississippi River levee.

Bag limit

No limit

Private and open public lands east associated with I-55 and also north of I-20 in addition places south of I-20 and also east associated with U.S. 61, excluding areas south associated with U.S. Legal bucks merely about open public land. 2-15


Legal deer. 20

Sept. 19-Jan. 28

Either sex upon private and open up public lands. 16-23

Dove South Zone: Your remainder associated with Mississippi.

Either sex on private terrain and also open up public land.



Archery/primitive weapons


Daily bag limit

Two, either sex.

Gallinules (common and purple)

Ducks, mergansers and also coots

Archery/Primitive weapons

Either sex in private land. 31

Nov. 31


Early primitive weapons





Nov. 19-Jan. 84 along with east involving Mississippi 35. 13 - Jan. Hunters can easily obtain the permit number on the internet at

Contact Brian Broom from (601) 961-7225 or perhaps 30


Youth gun


Brant goose

Oct. 26 - Mar. 16-23

U.S. Legal bucks only on open up public land.


Jan. 20

Nov. The legal buck will be defined as having both a minimum inside spread involving 10 inches or possibly a minimal main beam duration regarding 13 inches.


Either sex in private property as well as open up public land. Weapon of preference can be utilized about private land along with suitable license.


Bag limit

Private as well as open public lands south of U.S. 15

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Nov. 84 for you to its junction using Mississippi 35, then south alongside Mississippi 35 for the Louisiana state line.

Jan. 7-Feb. 1-Nov. 1-15

Gun (with dogs)


Nov. 31

Either sex on private land. 20

Gun (with dogs)

Canada goose*

Light Goose Conservation Order

Archery/primitive weapons

Dec. 1

White-fronted goose


Dec. Hunters might harvest one antlerless deer per day, to not exceed 3 for each annual season upon private land.

The daily bag limit for coots is actually 15.


North-Central Zone: Benton, Lafayette, Marshall, Panola, Tippah, along with Union counties.

Dec. 1-31


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Shango Loren Gordon, 43, of Rochester, was asked for after the July 20 case with felony counts of aiding and abetting second-degree assault, as well as assisting as well as abetting third-degree attack

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